About Us

What We Stand For

Makeup does not have a gender nor should it have any made up limitations around it! Sonatura believes in genderless and timeless beauty, the beauty industry no longer has to be perceived as feminine. We aspire to build an age and gender-neutral brand that caters to everyone!


Brown Beauty Inclusive

Sonatura represents the beauty of people of colour. In India being dusky or having a darker complexion is frowned upon. Beauty brands in India are constantly trying to feed on people’s insecurities by offering them skin whitening products or mostly not thinking about their skin’s health by incorporating harmful bleaching components like Mercury or hydroquinone into the products. We are here to work towards eliminating the“singular ideal of beauty”. 


Animals Don't Use Cosmetics!

We preach to be kind to every kind! Our brand is 100% Cruelty Free and Vegan. We are highly against animal testing or the use of animal-derived ingredients. Be cool not cruel!


Free of Toxins, Lead & Paraben

Our products are free of any toxins, lead and paraben. We use all the right ingredients to create the best formulas for you.